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Thinking of Swinging with your partner? You're reading this now, so the thought has crossed your mind! Here are a few important rules and tips that you should know and remember to make sure that you and your partner and all involved have a good and memorable time swinging!
Like with anything, swinging can have its pros and cons. A few things to remember can help with a memorable experience!
-  One leaves, both leaves
 You should always come as a couple and leave as one.  It is not preferable if one goes while the other stays behind. Always go hand in hand without leaving your partner behind.  Swinging is safer and easier if both partners are comfortable. It is a team effort!
-  Puncuality
Arriving at the correct time applies in the "lifetyle" as well.  Showing up late to a party is a turn-off.  By the time that you arrive, the party could be in full-swing. You could make people who are already in the act feel akward.  You won't know where to fit in to the party.  Please let the party hosts know beforehand if you are going to be late.
-  Dress Attire
You should wear clothing that is practical and will make you comfortable for you as the night goes on.  Keep your valuable jewelry and other valuable things to a bare minimum. Losing them will be a headache to you and the hosts.  Our dress code is simple.. No sweat pants, baseball hats must face forward, no gang or biker related clothing or visible tattoos. Jeans are allowed but must be worn around your waist. "Sagging" pants will not be accepted and is very unattractive.
-  Health and Hygiene
Oral hygiene is a basic necessity for everyone and shouldn't have to be addressed.  Bad breath or body odor is a BIG turn-off for your potential play partners. Shower and groom well before you plan to attend an event. We provide mints and mouth wash, please use them throughout the night. PRACTICE SAFE SEX AT ALL TIMES. We provide condoms for your use.
-  Have fun
The whole idea is to have fun! Enjoy your time here, and participate in activities that make you feel sexy and make you have a good time! DO NOT let anyone (including your partner) pressure you to do something that you are not comfortable with.  If you have rules, KEEP THEM! That may be the most important tip, come in with an open mind, act out your fantasies, and HAVE FUN!  ALWAYS REMEMBER, EXCESSIVE DRINKING DOES NOT MAKE YOU SEXY, IT ONLY MAKES YOU DRUNK!
-  Saying No
Saying No is okay! It is okay to be simple, polite, and straightforward to say, "no thank you, we aren't interested." Explanations and alibis are not required, we are all adults and can handle rejection. You shouldn't be afraid to decline an invitation. It is the only way to avoid doing something that you might regret afterwards.
-  Friendliness
Be friendly to all, even if you don't want to continue the night or don't have interest in getting physical with someone.  Remember, saying no is okay! If you are interested in continuing the night, be open about your rules if any from the beginning.  Let your potential play mates know them up front and FOLLOW them!